Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Outdoor Living Space - Tips and Ideas!
It's amazing how comfortable the patio and the "great outdoors" have become. Now you can find chaise lounges and sectional sofa's to cozy up on, not to mention area rugs to bring everything together.

When planning your space be sure to plan it strategically. Be sure to plan where it goes so that it is easily accessible from inside the house. As long as its easy to get to, it will be used. Don't forget too that you're adding value to your home when creating an outdoor space!
When you add a patio to your home, you are adding more space to your own and bridging the divide between the outdoors to the indoors.

Materials that the furniture is made from nowadays are more long lasting and stands up better to being out in the elements. Not only do they withstand the weather but they leave less of a footprint on the environment too!

One such company that provide various furniture designs for your patio is the C.R. Plastic Production Inc. company out of Stratford, Ontario. They provide products that are built from solid plastic lumber and created in a similar fashion comparable to the classic wood designs they faithfully replicate. Their products are long lasting, maintenance free, comfortable and durable. Another added bonus is that the materials don't fade, rot, split, mildew or stain.

Some things to keep in mind when creating a outdoor living space are

  • You should choose a theme or some kind of idea as to why you're creating this space. Maybe you would like to think of it as a vacation spot, so try to include bright colours for a more tropical festive feel. Or maybe you want a calming space to relax so introduce a water feature and some soft neutral colours that are more spa-like.
  • To enhance the space add furniture to lounge in, not just tables and chairs with an umbrella. For added comfort and luxury add pillows!
  • Adding some lighting helps to make the space have a more romantic feeling and allows you to enjoy the space to later in the evening.
  • Fireplaces are fun to have in the backyard because it's something to gather around with family and friends. Plus, it means you can extend the use of your patio space into the fall!
When a home is up for sale and it includes an outdoor living space, you have more value in your home and that home will sell faster.

Using planters of varying shapes and sizes filled with colourful annuals can dress up any space. Shrubs and perennials tend to freeze in containers over the winter unless they were placed close to the home for shelter.

Trellis and Obelisks add vertical interest to a space. If you have a balcony trellises area a great way for climbing plants to grow up and add privacy.

All weather rugs can be found in 3ft by 5ft or 6ft by 9ft dimensions to bring together a seating area or elongate a dining area.

So we hope you found this article interesting and helpful! We hope it helps you to create the get-away space you've been wanting in your backyard! 

Happy creating!

- Lindsey and Daniel
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