DesignSquare D2


about us and what we can offer you!

We are a full service Home Staging and Interior Decorating company, out of Burlington, Ontario Canada. We mainly service the surrounding area of Burlington, Oakville, Hamilton, Mississauga, Milton but we are willing to help clients in other cities/towns as well.  We offer services to assist all of your decorating or staging needs. So give us a call or email us! We would love to help you!

Our mission is you in the comfort of your home 

The difference between DesignSquareD2 and our competitors is that we have a team of two that go to your home and sit with you. That means double the ideas, double the creativity with rapid results- without doubling your price!

We are passionate designers with strong backgrounds in Interior Design and Interior Decorating. This allows us to think outside the box in terms of style, decorating and design. 

Each individual has their own tastes and unique sense of style and this in turn makes one person distinct from the next. We are here to guide you through expressing yourself and reflecting who you are in your home’s style. 

We inspire you to create your home to be a sanctuary that you can escape to, from the daily stresses of life. 

Interior Design

As professional Interior Decorators we can help with any of your decorating needs. We believe that we can help build the sanctuary you need in your dream home. 

 Home Staging
As a certified Home Stager, we help to take the stress out of selling your house. Perhaps you want to sell your home and would like help with getting the biggest bang for your buck. We can help you with organizing, staging (inside and out), de-personalizing and all around making your home a sellable house to allow someone else to fall in love with it as you once have.

Passionately, Lindsey & Daniel

Home Staging packages

Basic Home Package
Using items that you already own and utilizing them in the space to the highest potential
Home Staging
Free Consultation Staging a home is really all about showing off your home and staging it to show the best that it can be from someone else's point of view. This is preparing your home to sell. By using items that you already have, we will set-up your home or Stage it. This also includes other services such as De-Personalizing the home, De-cluttering and Organizing the space!
Basic Home Staging Package 
This package includes colour consulting, de-cluttering, recommendations for curb appeal and space planning by using existing furniture or accent pieces
Upgraded Home Staging Package
This package includes colour consulting, de-personalizing, de-cluttering, recommendations for curb appeal, space planning and accessorizing (personal shopping) where the clients provides a shopping budget.Items to purchase may include; accessories, photography, colour or furniture that you may need to finish off a space.(An evaluation will be done to know what will be recommended for purchase)
From our own experience of working with clients, we have the potential to help sell your home within just a few days! 

We help to make your home stand out from the crowd so that it sells better

Individual Services also available

Space Planning
Space Planning is to configure the furniture in a space for optimal traffic flow through the space. The best room is a well laid out room with ample space to get around while harmonizing the furniture within. We will decide the best layout of your room by taking measurements of the space during the consultation and then taking the dimensions back to our office to plan your layout. 

Colour Consulting
Choosing a colour for the space, while considering the size, light source and what kind of room it will be (or is) - all goes into the colour selecting process. 

Accessorizing (personal shopping)
We guide you in purchasing what will best suit your space, that adds personality and character and that your space reflects you. Remember, over-powering accessories can add clutter and chaos. One good accessory can make good conversation. The consultation will include going through the home and seeing what needs to be considered purchased. Then we make a list of what those items are and then we go SHOPPING! 
This is where we help your house to shine it's brightest by shopping with/or for you to show off your personal style in your home!