Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Colour and Styling Trends for 2013

Colour  & Styling trends for 2013

 It’s finally 2013 and what have you done? Well if there are plans ahead of you for re-decorating your home, we have Benjamin Moore’s colour trends for you-fresh off the presses!

The pick of the crop this year have been grouped together into 4 distinct groups and range from a splashy colour to soft, relaxing a beachy. It won’t be hard to figure out what rooms you can use, what colours in.  

Don’t worry about mixing the colours wrong because the people at Benjamin Moore have taken the guess work out for you. They've made these colour groups easy to work with by conveniently picking out a base colour, a neutral and an accent colour. 

Each group is made up of beautiful rich colours and any of them could be used in every room of your home. From your den to your bathroom! Are you inspired yet?

Simple luxury
More luxurious fabrics like velvet and silks with delicate patterns and subtle grey tones. This trend is all about showing a rich look without going over the top. All you need is a hint of luxury to make a big statement. This trend seems to favour more contemporary styling as well as simple, sleek designs in furniture such as lamps and tables make for simple but chic interior spaces. This trend is wonderful for anyone who wants a luxurious space but without being to showy. For an easy addition to a space, try adding a cashmere throw.

A walk on the wild side
Here’s a trend that is sure to spark some interest. Something a little more Spanish, a little more colour, a little more spice, a little more geometric. Think earthy and rugged. Mixing South American, Mexican and Native American. Does the word Sarape ring a bell? Embrace this trend by adding hints into your home like tiles with colourful geometric shapes to any space or by adding Spanish inspired colours to your walls like cactus greens, tobacco browns, hot reds, or terra-cotta oranges. 

Letting the outdoors in
This is perfect for anyone who enjoys being outside, camping, gardening, going for walks, hiking etc. It’s quite simple to embrace this trend by adding more natural elements to any space in your home, such as wood floors, stone floors, and dense textured carpets in natural organic colours like warm browns, fresh greens and soft blues.
If you live in the country, why not leave one window undressed. This is an easy way to make a natural focal-point in the room and a conversation maker.
When selecting furniture and accessories, be sure to have pieces with organic lines i.e., curvy and natural, oppose to straight more contemporary feeling pieces. The more curves you have in a space, the more relaxed it will feel. By adding any kind of black metal to the space in the form of say, a lantern, makes the space more whimsical. 

Trends that are being updated

The traditional spiral staircase is being upgraded to have a more modern feel. The upgrade includes a more expansive tread. This look in a space can also help to make it feel more European. 

As a basic upgrade to drywall, why not try a more humbling idea like Japanese inspired horizontal paneling. It is more cost effective than drywall and adds easy texture to any space. 

Instead of using traditional french doors in a space, why not try introducing glass partitions with black metal frames. This allows light to flow through, but makes a more graphic statement. Never forget about the doors in your home. They welcome you from one room in your home to another. 

We hope you are inspired by the new trends and colours for 2013!

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