Monday, 2 September 2013

Adding Curb Appeal to your Front Yard and Home

It's the end of the summer and we’re left thinking, wow where did it go?
Actually, this is the best time of the year to list your home, because people aren't distracted by summer vacations or taking their kids to camp or visiting long lost relatives or hitting up the beach. Now is the time or settle up and list your home. This time of year is still a great time to be able to keep the windows open and let fresh air blow through the home, which can also feel very welcoming. Tidy up your yard by trimming some grass, weed whacking and trimming up some branches that might be hanging too far over your neighbor’s fence. Now is the best time to stain or paint your deck or any room in the home because the days maybe aren't as hot and humid and the paint/ stain will dry faster too with less moisture in the air.

A well maintained yard is definitely going to show better to potential buyers. Your yard is the first thing you see when you look at the front of your house. Potential buyers only take a few seconds to make an opinion on a home. So you need to make those few first seconds count! Here are some examples for some rough landscaping or rough looking yards that could use some help.

Some suggestions for adding more curb appeal might be ....
  • maybe putting down some new sod where the yellow grass appears to be.
  • add some new plants that are healthier and more lush.
  • take out the night time lanterns on either side of the front door. 
  • Add an L-shaped flowerbed from the hedge around to in front of the double pane window. 
  • change the colour of the front door and garage door to add some interest. Maybe painting a black or charcoal colour.
  • roll up the garden hose that is on the sidewalk in front of the vehicle and leading up.

Some suggestions for adding curb appeal might be.....
  • We would suggest changing the colour of the front door  and adding some brighter shutters to either sides of all the windows. There are various colours found in the brick, we would suggest using a light taupe or something along that line. Taupe is a good neutral and will go with any colour
  • the flower pots around the front door should be bigger in size to make more of an impact. From the road you can barely see them. 
  • We would also suggest installing some recessed lighting to cast light down from the fascia on either sides of all the windows.
  • Add two front lights on either side of the front door. 
  • Add flowerbeds to either side of the sidewalk leading up to the front door. This will catch your attention right from the sidewalk and take your eye up to the home. Right now the home appears shadowy and uninviting. 
  • Raised flowerbeds would also help here. We love the flowerbeds that are already there, but they don't appear to be making a great deal of impact to really set off the front of the house. So raise them up and use black mulch to coincide with the black flecks in the brick. Using black mulch will also make the greens in your plants and other colours from flowers etc just pop!

Some suggestions for adding curb appeal might be ..... 
  • Paint out the red trim on the house to be a darker terracotta or chocolate colour. 
  • Remove the red bricking border on the mailbox (especially) and the around the house. A white or other neutral colored (more natural colour) would look better. 
  • Re-route the sidewalk to straight down the side of the driveway. Then add various lush foliage bordering the new sidewalk. The current way of the sidewalk cuts you off completely and I don't like that it just spits you out onto the driveway. In the wintertime, you'll want something to walk on instead of a snow drift. By adding a sidewalk up the driveway, it also make the driveway appear wider. 
  • Add some greenery on either side of the window that is centered on the front of the house. 
  • The front should be changed as well to something more elegant and something that is less orange. 
  • If possible the tree in the front should be taken out and a new tree should be re-planted. 
  • New sod could be put down or grass seed should be planted. 
  • The front door and the garage doors should be be a different colour. But the the doors should be all the same colour. When choosing the right colour, if you house is a brick house (like this one) choose a colour from the brick. Don't choose the overall dominating colour or else the entire house will appear all washed out. 
  • The debris at the front door should be removed. 
If you ever wanted us to help you with your home and wondering what to do help add curb appeal, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to send us a photo or two and we'll give you some suggestions!

We hope you were inspired by this article about adding curb appeal to you home. First impressions are important so make a good one! Be sure to click on the facebook logo just below and like our facebook for updates on new articles and links to old articles and more information about DesignSquareD2!,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.46471029,d.aWc&fp=cf49d083fab74baf&biw=1280&bih=685&

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