$0’s spent on this Bedroom Makeover!

This transformation was accomplished by just simply changing the configuration of the furniture layout in the space and using the existing accessories and it was accomplished in 3 hours!

What a difference it made! And the best part is, is that the homeowner didn’t spend any money! Honest!

By eliminating any clutter in a space and simply tidying up and putting away, this gives you a blank canvas to do whatever you like. By opening up and clearing the space, it clears your mind and opens up possibilities.

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend and you just want a sprucing up, then this is the right solution for you!

It’s amazing what kind of changes you can make to a space by simply switching up the items with another item found elsewhere in your home. Accessories are interchangeable; flowers, prints, art, etc – you may find something in your bathroom that works better in your bedroom.

It’s good to move things around in your space because then it doesn’t go “stale” or boring. Its good exercise for you and it’s challenging and interactive.

Keep things fresh with a simple makeover, care of things you already have! 

3 Piece Bath in the Basement

Work in progress…

Just recently, we painted a 3 piece bathroom in a basement. It is a “work in progress” project because; in the end we want to stage it and right now it needs some work to get it to the staging stage. 

Originally, the walls were a deep green/olive colour, that made the space seem dark and cave-like, which didn’t help any because it’s in a basement to begin with. So it needed some freshening up with a new paint job and some new accessories. 

So we began, by priming the space with an un-tinted white primer and then brought out the paint fan deck to decide on the colour. We wanted the space to feel brighter, fresher and to all around feel lighter. The space also has to very low ceiling so that was another reason why we wanted the room to be brighter and feel lighter. So in the end, we decided on the colour Stormy Monday 2112-50 from Benjamin Moore. 
Stormy Monday 2112-50
Benjamin Moore

The colour is a grey with almost a hint of mauve. We chose this particular colour because it’s fresh and clean two good qualities to have in a bathroom and the hint of mauve helps it to appear warmer, which is also what we wanted since this bathroom is located in the basement. 

in transition

Tell us what you think! We want to know what you think of the bathroom so far. Do you like the colour we chose? What colour would you have chosen? What is your opinion on having a bathroom in the basement? Have you done a project like installing a bathroom in the basement? Was it a good or bad experience? We would love to hear your feedback!  

We aren’t done yet with this bad boy, but we will keep you posted on our progress with this one and we’ll post pictures too of what we’ve done! No worries there!

And the Project Continues…
With a couple different looks…

So after everything is said and done, we have come up with a couple different looks for this basement bathroom.

Before, the space felt dark and cave-like, but now you would never think that it was in a basement because the colour of the walls and the overall feeling is lighter and fresher. You may have noticed that we painted the ceiling the same colour as the walls. Well, we did this to make the low ceiling blend in with the rest of the room. If we would have painted the ceiling white, then the lower ceiling would have been emphasized, whereas the Stormy Monday from Benjamin Moore camouflages it instead.

Another important piece in the bathroom is the mirror. The frame of the mirror is part of the mirror and not a solid wood or metal frame. This allows for more light to be reflected off of. The light fixture hanging down over the mirror, instead of hanging with the shades pointing upward, also helped to give more light to the space because then all the light is reflecting off of the mirror and the white countertop. So if you are working with a small space similar to this one, then the best mirror to go with is one similar to this with more angles for the light to bounce on to light the room. If you don’t like the look of this mirror because you prefer a framed look, then go with a frame that is light in colour or of the same finish as your taps and other hardware in the space. Even the soap dispenser and the toothbrush holder is light and glass and not heavy and dark. When you add a dark colour, you add weight. So in this case the mirror = functionality and style.
Our first look was more of a country theme, with soft textures and with an overall more feminine feel. Fluffy towels on the counter in a basket and pairing them with a white orchid allow the room to have a calming atmosphere. This is the perfect feeling for a bathroom.  This look was also more of a monochromatic colour scheme. The towels were similar colour to the wall colour without adding pops of colour. But when we did, they were soft neutrals, such as the picture box hanging above the toilet and the tall bunch of branches that are between the shower and the toilet anchors the space to tie everything together.

Another style choice was more masculine, a more urban look-integrating dark colours and metal into the space, but keeping the light feeling. Here we used a black (mostly) and white picture which anchors the space, however, we balanced the weight with a light, wire basket to hold towels on the counter. When you want some weight in a space, you need to balance it with something light or else the heavy item with give weight to the space, which unfortunately could make the space feel smaller.

Another style we used was more modern and it kind of encompasses both colour schemes and includes texture as well. You can be the judge on which one is your favourite.

Another point that should be made is the fact that you should keep the items on your vanity to a minimum, which we did. Only the necessary items are what should be there. Items that are not necessary include, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, shampoo/conditioner, make-up, or anything else that is cosmetic and personal should not be seen on the vanity or anywhere out in the bathroom. These items should be stored tidy in baskets but preferably underneath the vanity. When these items are exposed, they can distract the potential buyer from seeing your home’s architectural assets.
All of the items that we used were found at HomeSense/Winners. They have quality, selection and good prices and to be honest we bought all of our items for just above $200.00. But you could find many of these items anywhere really. Its good to have a style in mind, and magazines and books are good for finding that style. Or maybe you already have something in mind. If you buy a few more extra items that you thought would look good in the space and you couldn’t decide, don’t be afraid of taking them back! Just keep your receipt and preferably the tags and return the items. This make more sense than buying them and then keeping them, when all they’re gonna do is sit in a closet somewhere and then you forget about them.

Keep in mind that, if you pick a colour, you do have numerous options to accessorize the space. This project proves that J so don’t be afraid of trying out a few different options because that is how you learn what you like and what you don’t like.

So tell us what you think of this bathroom transformation!
We would love to hear your feedback!