Sunday, 10 June 2012

De-cluttering your Home

De-Cluttering your home can be easy!

Just follow this simple guide and you shouldn't be overwhelmed

This is a great lens to help you get started with de-cluttering your home! Simple tips, helpful advice and you'll be glad you stopped by to get your read on! If you're selling your home, you need to make the extra effort to de-clutter! Your wallet will thank you in the end, and you will be much happier :) You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it a good one and help make a good one by de-cluttering! 

Feeling overwhelmed in a Space?

Clutter might by your Culprit Have you ever walked into a room and felt overwhelmed? Perhaps the reason was because there were too many items in the space like; figurines, pictures, books, or flowers. Clutter in a space can be detrimental when trying to sell your home! It can weigh down a room, disorganize a room and it can and will send your potential buyers heading for the door.

Clutter can be Distracting 

A cluttered room can also distract potential buyers from looking at the more valuable, architectural elements of the home. When you are first distracted by the clutter, it's hard to re-focus. So don't let your viewers be distracted from the various great aspects of your home. Don't let them be distracted by your pets bed and chew toys from the vaulted ceilings, or by that fabulous conditioner that makes your hair feel silky smooth. Its great that you know that (and I'm happy for you) but you don't need to broadcast it to the world just yet. 

What I'm saying is, is that you don't want the viewer to remember the wrongs things about the home, when it comes time to making a decision whether they like your house or not.

How do You know if you have Clutter?

Sometimes, all your clutter needs is some thinning out. A good rule of thumb is to group things in uneven numbers like 3's or 5's. That way, the uneven number adds some interest and you can vary the grouping in a different way by altering the scale and height of the objects, instead of having a straight line. By varying the heights, it creates interest to a mantel instead of playing it safe and using 3 candles all the same size. Another good tip is to also play with the foreground and background on a shelf (mantel or bookshelf). When arranging items, don't arrange them in a straight row, instead add some depth to the display by place items in the back and in the foreground, spacing apart 2-3 inches. This all depends on the depth of the shelf of course. By simply adjusting your displays, you are bringing order to the space, oppose to the disorder and scattered feeling that the clutter brought to the space.

Clutter can simply be

Clutter could simply be items that have been left out and haven't gotten back to their proper homes'. When you're in a rush, you usually just do what you gotta do and what you have time for and drop everything and go. This is where things are left out and get neglected. But if there was a place for these items then the clutter wouldn't stack up and overwhelm us when we get home.

To sum things up...

Clutter can take over your life if you let it. But if you give the items the right amount of time then they won't turn into clutter and start to overwhelm you. Keep on track and keep clutter at bay!

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