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Colour Trends for 2011

So if you’re wondering what the 2011 colour trends are, then you’re not alone. If you have ever caught yourself wondering, “How on earth do they ever come up with the names of these colours?” then again… you are not alone! You may have also found yourself wondering, “Who makes the decision on what the “in” colours are for the next year? They must think very highly of themselves to have this job.”…*sticks out tongue*

Well, the truth is the colour trends for the next year aren’t decided by just closing your eyes and poking around aimlessly in a paint fan-deck. They are decided through society; through world events, society’s shopping habits and what has happened in the media. Professional Designers can help you decide what will best suit your home because ultimately, you are the one that will be living with it and if you aren’t a fan of the colour when it’s in your space then you gotta change it.

Home Stagers, Interior Re-Designers and Decorators, should always be up on and in-the-know of what the trends are. Websites, magazines like Canadian House & Home , online magazines such as Dabble, put out by award winning designer Kimberley Seldon. TV shows and books are all good places to find what’s in or what is up-and-coming. The ever popular HGTV (Home and Garden Television) is quite good with their array of shows from DIY to Staging to Decorating to Real-estate and pretty much from everywhere in between. You’ll get some great ideas – guaranteed!

Your Home Stager may suggest that you move some furniture around if a rooms appears or feels too heavy especially if you have too much furniture in a space, or if the furniture is too bulky. They may recommend balancing out some accessories that you have on a bookshelf or on a mantle to de-clutter.  Or your Stager may want you to change the colour of a room to a more neutral colour which allows the prospective buyers to see the room as a blank canvas, which in turn enables them to see there own items easier in the space.  Whatever the stager you choose, they will have their own services and prices to help you with whatever budget that you have in mind.

It’s easy to get stressed when selling your home, because you get thinking about so many things and there are so many things to get in order and everything is getting so overwhelming and on top of everything you must keep your house looking “put together and then there’s this crazy Home Stager who says “we can help you!!” and you’re like…. “Ha, I don’t know” but you really should let them help because they can make miracles.  

It’s always a good idea to have a stager into your home who has a fresh perspective, a fresh set of eyes and who is a person with a whole set of new ideas that you can do with your home.

After you have bought a new home to move into because someone has fallen in love with your old one, you can still hire your Stager to come back and help with setting up your furniture and accessories in your new space. Moving into a new space can be daunting and stressful but it’s easier to have someone to work with who can visualize the space and imagine different options of what to do with it

So without further ado, here are the 2011 colours from Benjamin Moore...
Colours in the order that they appear 
Amulet AF-365
Hush AF-95
Etruscan AF-355
Casco Bay 2051-30
Vintage Wine 2116-20
Wasabi AF-430

Wrought Iron 2124-10
Lucerne AF-350
Storm AF-700
Paper Mache  AF-25
Royal Flush 2076-20
Grape Green 2027-40

Kendall Charcoal HC-166
Porcelain 2113-60 
Genesis White 2134-70
Etiquette AF-50
Smoke 2122-40
Gray Mirage 2142-50

What's Hot for 2012

A new year means a fresh new start! Make this year, your  year and let your home reflect who you are. Show off your unique style by embracing some of 2012's  unique colours, finishes and textures.  Here is the line-up for 2012.  *Drum roll please*

This season's hottest colour is ...... ORANGE! Isn't that fun, we love it and would like to embrace it any way we can! Whether you're brave with colour or not, there are many different way to embrace this season's hottest hue! Here are some tips for embracing :)

The colour orange stimulates appetite, activity and encourages socialization. Most people have either strong emotions of hating this hue or loving it. However, depending on the intensity or shade , the colour has a broader appeal.  People tend to warm to certain orange tones, such as peach, terracotta and rust. But given just the name "orange" and they automatically head for the hills (at least some do).

Orange is a warm colour on the colour spectrum found between red and yellow - both of which are also warm colours. Warm colours on the colour wheel are mentally stimulating whereas cool colours like blue, green or purple are calming.

Brave or shy, whatever you might be with this tangerine beauty, there are many different ways to decorate with orange. If you want to try in small doses, why not try adding orange throw pillows, or candles or even (if you have any) gather any books with orange spines and stack them on a shelf (biggest on the bottom) on a coffee table, end table or bookshelf. Small touches can make a big impact without going overboard. Or if you want to go big or go home, try painting a feature wall of your favourite orange hue.
Many of the current fashion trends overlap with the hottest decor trends.  Here is one example, watercolours. Seen on many tops and scarves gracing today's runways, likewise can also be seen "working it" in your home in the form of accents, throws and even wallpaper treatments. Watercolour is a simple colour infused idea because there are sharp hits of intense colour that become soft and calming. There are so many different hues to captivate the eye that it makes the piece be it clothing or decor into a real work of art.
Watercolour inspired fabric gives the feeling of being dreamy and light which can be romantic and sophisticated - both good qualities for a bedroom or bathroom, spaces where one would relax, reflect on his or her day and regroup for a fresh day ahead. 

Another trend this year is Colour Blocking. Seen most commonly as bright and vibrant shades on certain brands of shoes and can be found on other fashion pieces as well. Colour blocking is bold - using various blocks of vibrant punches of colour in one piece. So if you're into bold, modern, contemporary style, try incorporating colour blocking into your space, with pillows, throws. For a more energizing feel, try colour blocking in a kid's room or family room, or perhaps a home office where you want your mind to constantly be busy and energized for new ideas. A children's room would be fun because you could use primary colours for the blocking, or use their favourite colours and block them at random for a totally fun, off-the-wall decor!

For anyone wanting to tamper with their wild side, have we got a trend for you! Snake skin is back and would like to slither into your home's (just for the year - don't worry, they'll 
leave New Year's Eve). You can add hints of this trend into small spaces with wallpaper (on a feature wall) or place mats in a table setting or smaller furniture pieces. This trend can be both feminine or masculine. It can also be too much in a room if overused. When overused, the space can appear cluttered and overbearing. Whereas if you use it in small doses (especially in a small space) it then gives the space character and depth. It also helps to use the pattern in different scales as well. 

Textures for 2012
For some added drama to your space, here are the textures that designers are boasting about using for 2012
  • Wood (for rich warmth and the fact that it's so versatile)
  • Stone (keep stone simple by using a single colour or tone without using too much pattern)
  • Grasscloth (perfect on your feet and on your walls)
  • Brass (for that little added sparkle and charm)
You don't need to splurge...
When decorating your home, you don't need to go all out and spend tons of money to make your space look it's best. Here are some ideas when you're pinching your pennies!

  • Buy flowers to dress-up any room, the colours will instantly cheer you up every time you pass by them!
  • When you've found something you like, don't go overboard with it. Less is better - savour it, don't gulp it down.
  • When you're shopping for your home, always have a plan. Don't go out without a plan or else you'll spend way too much money and things you won't even need in the space. It's kinda like going grocery shopping right after work without your list with you... bad idea.
  • For a simple change, why not change all your light switches to dimmers. 
  • Don't start something and then leave it unfinished. 

To sum everything up, the trends mentioned above can be incorporated  into the home bravely (with small hints) if you're not sure about it or if you would like to try a little bit. Or it can be made into a room of it's own. Just remember - everything in moderation. Too much of one thing can be overwhelming to the eye, making the room appear cluttered and overwhelming. This takes away from what you're trying to achieve in the room. Be sure to balance and ground the space with neutrals as well. 


  1. I do liked the article and would like to know... What are the color trend for 2012? What are the patterns on textures and color for a single man house or even his room? Thanks

    1. Hello there,
      Above are the colour and texture trends for 2012. Let us know what kind of colours you like and we can make a colour palette for you! Where are you from?
      Talk to you soon!