Sunday, 16 September 2012

Decorating for Fall

Lighted-branches-vases.../ " Nature's Way"

Fall, a new season and a new beginning!

Fall and winter are the coziest and warmest times of the year. By warm I mean, sipping on a hot cocoa, or warm tea while reading a good book, snuggled under a blanket. Fall means the end of summer, but the beginning to a whole new chapter of the year. Fall is all about looking back and reflecting on the summer you had, what you've experienced this past summer before and how you've grown as a person from the last season. With each season, you change and grow. 

Brainstorming for Fall
When you think of Fall, what comes to mind?


Homemade cooking or baking
Family get together's

Warm and Inviting

When it comes to decorating for fall, you want to use many different warm, inviting, soft, natural textures. You can find different textures while looking at accessories like; throws, blankets, pillows and area rugs. You can find different textures in furniture as well. For this season and for the season to follow, you want to use things that resemble natural elements. This helps to make the space more relaxed and earthy. So a good idea for fall and winter accessories is to use wood, instead of metal. Metal in a space can make people feel cold and uninviting, whereas warm, natural wood tables like an end table or accent furniture feels more relaxed and inviting. If you can't live without some metal in a space, be sure to balance it well with some natural elements or colours.

Colour Combo's for your home

Benjamin Moore colour palette

There you will find products for your home for fall decorating that you are sure to love! Happy shopping!

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