Tuesday, 18 September 2012

New up and coming trend : Stars

The space supplied by http://tinyurl.com/8fmbz9z is showing the next biggest trend to show itself in magazines and peoples’ homes. It is stars. Be inspired, make a wish and glow! You can decorate your home with gold’s, bronze’s cream’s (similar to the space pictured) or use a deep navy blue and using the deep space navy to be bold in a space. 

This trend can be used in a child's bedroom, office, den or anywhere you would like, simply. Be inspired and create a space that is out of this world with style! 


Some Art Deco silverware


The Chrysler Building in New York city


The best kind of backdrop for the trend is deep blues, gold, bronze and anything metallic. The deepest of blues, simply remind you of the depths of space, that it goes on forever and ever. Be sure to embrace any horoscope signs as well and other constellations. The trend goes well with anything you can find from the Art Deco era as well which spanned from 1910-1940. Art deco, embraces shapes with straight lines (very geometric) in style and takes influences from such other styles such as neo-classical, cubism, modernism and futurism. Art Deco was only creative for decorative reasons. 

Here are some products we found to embrace this trend!

Here is a star burst mirror  that would look lovely in a dining room, hall, entryway, or bedroom!

Some lovely art deco styling done in the metalwork of the window on this door. (above)

You can even find some lighting fixtures that are out of this world with style. 


              Here is some celestial inspiring wallpaper from York Wall coverings! A Candice Olson design. 
It is available in both gold and silver stars.


We hope that this has inspired you to embrace the fall trend of “lost in space”! Be inspired and make a wish! Be sure to post back to let us know how you embraced this trend! Remember, even by adding hints of this trend into your home or style can make a difference in any space.

Have fun!

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