Thursday, 23 May 2013

Experience Lunch at The Works:Gourmet Burger Bistro!

Having had a delicious lunch at The Works yesterday in downtown London, I thought I should pass on the experience. So here goes!
I loved the decor of the place. Walking in, the bistro has a real urban factory bistro feel. The style was very tastefully designed and did a great job to keep everything in the style of eclectic urban! Traditional layout of tables and booths with a friendly staff who greet you when you walk in and seat you with a smile on their face! The salt and pepper shakers with light bulbs, your drinks were served in glass measuring cups and your food was served to you in cake pans!

The restaurant itself was very clean! There wasn't a dish that wasn't and the waitress was very helpful when explaining the menu and how to order. The menu has a wide variety of dishes to eat. One for anyone who is brave or someone who just wants a regular burger that want nothing too exciting.

As urban as the space felt, it was warm and welcoming at the same time. Located on King across from the Covent Garden Market you're a short walk from the Budweiser Gardens (formerly the John Labatt  Centre or the JLC). So if you wanted to catch a bite at a delicious restaurant after a concert, The Works is the place to go!
The finishes used for this space, was high impact traditional urban materials. Like metal, wood, stone, colours like, grey's, blacks, yellow's for contrast. The combination of wood with the stone are a winning combination for a welcoming "sit back, relax and enjoy" kind of space.

The experience at The Works was great, I would highly recommend going and enjoying a good burger.
If you want to have a non-beef burger there are other options as well like; a whole chicken breast, ground turkey, gourmet veggie, Portobello mushroom cap or even Lean Domestic Elk.

There are many other The Works: Gourmet Burger Bistro restaurants around the country, the original one located in Ottawa has been going since 2001. Be sure to check out this great bistro for a great meal! I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

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