Saturday, 18 May 2013

Pallet Projects : So many uses for these things!

You can usually find them at any grocery store hold products in the back room, or any warehouse or being taken around and moved from here to there on a forklift. We’re talking pallets. I don’t know if you have noticed as much as I have that people have found great uses for them. Whether it’s for in your home as a table, or being turned into a garden – it’s amazing how many uses these objects have and it’s great to see that people are re-using them instead of letting them go to the wayside.

One place that I have found so inspiring for projects with gardening is a website called Pinterest. Pinterest is a essentially a site that allows you to have an account and “pin” ideas that you find online or websites that you find useful to boards that you can name yourself. The number of boards that you create is limitless. Here are some ideas that I have found!

For a gardening idea, this is great! If you seal the ends of the pallet, it holds the dirt in and by removing some of the boards on the top, you now have access to plant your seeds! Raised beds have also become a popular form of gardening and I would say that is what a pallet garden is. I just love it when people think outside the box and come up with something totally different than what the original designer had in mind for an object. 
Here is another great idea to re-use a pallet. Paint the individual boards different colours and then attach hooks. How fun is that?! Or paint the boards all the same colour as your wall colour behind and then its flush with the wall and you hanging objects with appear as though they're floating! 

Displaying some decorative plates in your kitchen. 

Pallets being used as a desk. This is great for any space that you would like to have a more industrial feel. Or have a more GREEN approach aka, re-using items that would normally just be thrown away.
How about this idea for all you shoe-lovers out there. I would suggest painting your pallet to be a neutral like white or soft grey or the same colour as the wall the pallet is hanging from so that the colours of the shoes pop!

How about this idea to display some of your priceless pictures! I love how the black frames complement the black shadowing in the wood.

Furniture pieces using pallets. This space has a very urban, contemporary, modern feel and the pallets compliment that nicely. 

Well we hope that you have been inspired to re-use something you find. Just because you see an object and use it with one purpose doesn't mean that it doesn't have another!,or.r_qf.&bvm=bv.46471029,d.aWc&fp=cf49d083fab74baf&biw=1280&bih=685&
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