Friday, 5 July 2013

Hey to our readers out there who have been following us, wherever you might be! We wanted to let you know that we greatly appreciate you reading our posts and taking interest in what we do!

We hope that the articles that we post inspire you to be creative with your own spaces and that they help you in this very busy world to find some kind of peace in your own homes'.
We are Canadian !

Currently here in Canada, its our summer and its warm :) tonight I enjoyed sitting out on the deck with a tea and relaxing with my flowers. I love looking at my flowers and tending to them, whether its with weeding or watering, it gives me a chance to really see how much they're changing and how far they have come since I planted them earlier in the season. While I'm doing all this, it also gives me the opportunity to reflect on the day and think about what I accomplished and what I still need to get done and what I can still get done that day. Sometimes I feel bad if I haven't gotten out to my garden in a couple of days - I feel like I'm neglecting it and not having me time and not enjoying something that I put a lot of time into creating. Sometimes we need those eye openers to realize how busy we've gotten, working by schedules and seeing how fast time does really go by. 
We're all busy!

So take time, make time to have you time, even when you work full-time and have mouths to feed and spouses, and schedules to keep up, try to remember to fit in you time. You need this time you stay sane. Maybe you have it while relaxing in a hot bath, or reading by yourself before you go to bed... whatever it is, promise me you'll make time!
Paradise Found!

We create our articles for you to essentially help you with creating your space at home to work the best for you, to reflect who you are and to make your home a relaxing space to escape to from the daily pressures of life. 

We would like to open up a new way of doing these articles on the blog though, we will still continue to write articles for any topic, but we would also like you to email us or post a comment on the blog, or write on our facebook page about any content that you would like us to write about. Whether its about floor plans, organizing, de-cluttering, what colours would you recommend? any kind of questions, or if there are any topics that we haven't written about and you would like us to write about a certain topic, let us know what it is and we'll whip one up!

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Have a great weekend readers and thanks again for your support!

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