Thursday, 29 August 2013

Make A Wish Bedroom Makeover with IKEA

While working at IKEA in Burlington, Ontario, Daniel was given the opportunity to do a makeover for a 9 year old boy through the Make A Wish Foundation of Canada.

By using various pieces of furniture and other products supplied by IKEA he created a transformation that you would not believe and the client was blown away by the change in his room too - completely floored!

Here are some shots from the transformation bedroom makeover! Before and After's!

In just a matter of a couple days, this room was transformed from overwhelming to the perfect bedroom for a young boy. Check it out!
First, starting out and creating "stations" in the room like "living area" (which is the bunk bed, lounge chair and night stand), the "work area", (which is where the desk and workstation is and then the "storage area", where the cupboards, TV and shelving are. This makes for a tidier room and a better organized room, instead of tossing things and putting things in any old spot. Now they have a place to be kept.

Make A Wish is such a wonderful organization to allow children to experience something or give them something that they have always wanted, or someone they have always wanted to see, or this kind of experience, a bedroom makeover. Daniel felt very auspicious to have been part of it!

As you can see, it was a typical young boy's room and it could use some sprucing up.
Utilizing products from IKEA also shows that you don't need to spend a great deal to make a dramatic change in a space. This room was given a second chance by simply organizing, giving it a splash of colour and adding a few new pieces. 

Too much furniture can also make a room feel cramped and uninviting and then adding extra items like books, puzzles and things in a tight corner, without any sense of organization really makes the space feel overwhelming. A tidy and organized space is the perfect place for a child to sit down and do homework, a craft or some other project and afterward he'll know exactly where to put things when tidying up. Everything has a place and Daniel figured out a space for everything.

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