Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Adding some Sparkle to your Home for the Holiday Season!

Whatever you celebrate during the winter months, you’ll probably do some kind of decorating whether it’s a Christmas tree or a simple planter or two, we all get a little giddy with our decorating. I just recently put a planter together and couldn't help but have tons of fun.
Sometimes it’s hard though to have a good time trying to make these planters work the way you want them to. Scale and balance are both important parts of creating a Holiday planter. You don’t want it too top heavy or else it will blow over and you don’t want it to be too shallow in the pot or else it doesn't make the impact you want it to on your front porch or window box. Here are some simple tips to remember or reference while making your holiday planters.

  • When creating a festive planter for the holidays, I first started out by just clipping back or ripping out the plants in a pot from the summertime. This way, I’m re-using a pot and not having to buy a new one and there is no need to buy dirt to fill it up either because the pot already has good dirt in it. Unless, that is if you want to place bricks in the bottom of your pot to help anchor it down and add more weight to the holiday planter to keep it from blowing over. I would suggest spreading a garbage bag on the ground, take out all your plants(from the summer) from the planter, put all the dirt on the garbage bag and then place some bricks in the bottom. Then put all the dirt back in but toss any plants from the summer.
  • Next, after you have put the dirt back into the pot-you’re all set to go! So I would suggest lining the outer rim of the pot with over hanging clippings. This will give the pot a sort of “fringe”.
  • Next, put into the pot anything that is “fluffy” as filler.
  • Next put in any red Dog Wood or other tall branches to make height in your planter. This part can also be something that is spray painted a certain colour or spray painted with glue and then sparkles added on top.
  • You can also add little accents to the planter by adding pine cones, ribbon around the pot or branches with berries on them. I personally like adding any red to my planter’s because it makes them more festive and adds a warm pop of colour! I love seeing red anything in the winter time and during Christmas or holiday season!

so here is a great video to help you get started and how to maintain your winter planter through the winter season!

Here are some images of the greenery to use in your holiday planters

some Blue Spruce


Cedar branches
Pine branches

and for some festive red flare for your planter....

Dog Wood branches

To dress up the planter you can always add some ribbon too

Our final tip to remember when you're making your holiday planters is to be creative, try not to make your planters too perfect. Nature isn't perfect, so don't make your planters perfect. Keep variety in your creation. Different shades of green gives your planter dimension and depth. When you pick different branches after another, you'll notice that each species of tree will be a different shade of green. 

Have fun, let us know how you make with with your creations!

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