Saturday, 23 November 2013

Decorating for the Holidays!
Adding some…
Sparkle & Shine

On a frosty, snowy day I feel inspired to write an article on snowy, frosty inspired Christmas décor!  You’ll see various stores now hold many spots for Christmas décor items because it is that special time of year. If you are craving a theme such as frosty silver or snow themed, then I’ve put together an article that will surely inspire you!
Snow on evergreen branches or blowing through a field or a dark snowy night when you’re all cuddled up under a fuzzy, warm blanket when you look outside and see the colourful glow of Christmas lights shining through the heavy snow. Oh I just love this time of year! It makes everything so pretty. You can wake up one morning and after being so cold through the night has made every square inch of your yard and house looks like it has been doused in glitter. Everything sparkles, everything shines. This time of year is magical.

So let’s get right down to it, shall we? Decorating for the holidays...frosting your home...

How to make your home a winter wonderland… well the easiest way to start is by sticking to one key or two key colours for your holiday décor. Like silver or white with an accent colour if you wish. If not, just decorate with silver or white.
This simple setting is tying everything together in the space, the shelves over the counter, the chairs to the table, the place settings… everything is simple, yet elegant. If you're afraid of the space feeling too cool, this setting shows how the wood and area rug in the space warm it up and just to finish it up, each place setting has a yellow pair to add warmth and colour as well.
Add some greenery and elegance into a space by using simple fluted glasses that you can find at the dollar store and place a sprig of evergreen in them with a quarter to half an inch of water in the bottom to keep them fresh.

Make sure to include on your holiday tree some silver balls with glitter or solid glitter balls. They catch the light and make your tree sparkle and shine even more. Any balls or ornaments that have been embellished with glitter catch a great deal of light and make your tree appear as though it’s lit even more. So don’t go out and buy another strand of lights to illuminate your tree, distribute your lights evenly throughout the tree  and then add glitter ornaments! An easy way to add sparkle and shine!
Another way to keep with your frosty theme is to wrap your gifts under the tree with white or silver wrapping paper. You can add simple embellishments to your wrapping regime by adding white bows. This way, the presents are simple and plainly wrapped, so that all of your attention is on your beautiful tree! Attention can be easily taken away when there is a mess of bows and graphics and pattern. Keep it simple and draw the attention to what deserves the attention, the main event, your Christmas tree!
What a merry mantel! This is easily done by using garland (real or fake) you can find reasonably priced garland out there that looks just as beautiful and green as the real thing. The accent colour of the lime green ornaments tie the evergreen garland all together. By including a mirror as part of the whole ensemble, you then have something to bounce light off of and by lighting the candles in the votive holders, in the evening when the lights are dim; your mantel will have a nice glow.

We hope you have found this article inspiring! Happy decorating and have fun!

Lindsey & Daniel 

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