Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Home Decorating Trends for 2014!

Here are the trends for 2014…. Hopefully some of you can embrace these trends and use them in your own homes! We found them inspiring and hope that you will too! Embrace some or embrace them all!

Trend 1
Painting out your trim!
When you’re painting you think that you need to cut in or paint your trim a different colour than the walls. Apparently this year is the year to break that rule. Trim is to be painted the same colour as the walls. This will allow the room to appear or feel larger because there aren't any details that have been pointed out like (for example) white trim or other contrasting colours.


Trend 2
Don’t ignore your light fixtures, they deserve some love too. One of the top trends is sculptural lighting fixtures. Sometimes in some spaces of your home, like the dining room for example the light fixture can make the room, or finish the room. The light fixture can be the pizzazz in the room. With so many diverse styles and designs of lights out there, I’m sure you will find one that suits the room or space in your home.


Trend 3
Kick up your modern safari flare and shop for some “well-traveled” wares. Pieces that look like you’ve travelled the world. By embracing some worn leather, earthy neutrals and functional buckles and straps all make it easy to find pieces to include in your own spaces.

Trend  4
New geometric patterns, in strong, bold, stylish colours reinvented from previous popular patterns that you can find in fabrics, dinnerware and so much more. These new patterns may seem familiar not only because they are invented from previous patterns but also inspired by some quilting patterns and they also come in bold, lively patterns and colours. Very modern, very stylish!


Trend 5
If you’re trying to make your space feel bigger and have a more fluid, modern feel, embrace this trend of clear tables. Translucency helps a space to feel bigger because more can be seen, like in a table. You’re boxing less in when you can see straight through. You can also embrace this trend by using Lucite material as well. You can find tons of table ideas for any space in your home for any price point.


Trend 6
Whether you want to make it a bold pattern or subtle, this next trend is something you’ll be sure to warm up to. Don’t forget about the pattern that you can make on your floor. Wood or tile, take on this trend with different materials and colours. We now have more options than ever for flooring and patterns. Tile making is an art form and so is having the ability to lay tiles down and install them. Kitchens are at the top of the list of popular rooms to embrace this trend and there are no signs of this trend losing popularity.

Trend 7
Step outside the box (literally) and imagine a bathtub that isn’t the generic, run of the mill…. Rectangle. Think of a tub with more curves….. and that would be our next trend. Round bathtubs.  If you have a bay window in your bathroom, soak up this trend and install a round bathtub that will fit perfectly into any awkward corner. Let the soaking and relaxing begin!

Trend 8
Statement walls are a big thing this year when it comes to decorating your home. Make a big impression by investing in a painting with bold colours and shapes. Go big or go home with bold abstract paintings or wallpaper.


Trend 9
Blue and white dishware is big and it’s in this year as a top trend. There are many different patterns and shades to find it in. The latest finds are less cookie cutter and more unique than ever before. A space can embrace this trend in a monochromatic colour scheme or with complimentary colours that already reside in your space. And remember that you don’t necessarily need to use the dishware; you can also hang them on your walls to be on display for all to see. Think outside the box and be inspired!

Trend 10

Be on the lookout in both the fashion industry and home d├ęcor for this pattern, floral’s with black backgrounds. This trend can be seen in the form of wallpaper, on perfume bottles, footwear, fashion pieces like scarves, Ipod cases and so much more. It is a very girlish trend with the black contrast, we love it!

We hope that you find a trend that you can sink your teeth into and embrace a lot or only a little. Doesn't matter! Have fun with it!

PS~ what was your favorite trend mentioned in the post? Let us know! What inspired you about this post?

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