Sunday, 17 August 2014

Designing my Office with a clean, simple design

When I was designing my office space, I had 3 things in mind that I wanted to keep in mind, a comfortable place to work at my desk, a place to draw and a place to sit and read.

Keeping those three things in mind, I designed a space that encompassed all of the above. I only have a 10’x10’ space, but that is big enough for me and my office wants and would likes! I also wanted to keep in mind that down the road, I would like to (possibly) be able to have clients in my office and have ample room to present ideas to them either on a board or on my drafting table.

            With already having two pieces of furniture in the space, my drafting table and a bookshelf, I had them to work into the design and after researching different styles of desks and various ideas for desk-like pieces I came up with this. I liked its simple design and the nice, white surface that added a simple, clean feeling to the space. I also loved the glass top that came with it.  And to keep pens, charging cables, earplugs, notebooks or any other desk stuff, it has a drawer that is the full width of the desk itself. The best part is, is that it isn’t a desk at all; it’s a dressing table!

            When I was checking out ideas for a desk, I didn’t want the typical roll out keyboard tray, or the roll out compartment to fit the printer. I just wanted a simple workspace to place and charge my laptop on and work at ie. Write articles for the blog, do consultations over the phone, just a simple spot to just work at that didn’t have holes for cables on the surface of the desk, or any other desk paraphernalia. I was looking for something different (out of the norm) that you wouldn’t consider being a desk. I didn’t need anything too deep, because it would take up valuable floor space in the room but I wanted enough room, but not too much room to be able to set my notebook aside while I work with my mouse or reference documents. I also didn’t want the piece to look too heavy and solid in the space because I didn’t want the room to feel closed in when you looked into the office while passing by the door.

            I chose the white finish for the desk and bookshelf (which has a similar design to the desk) because I was inspired by my Greece trip I took with my fiancé a year ago in April. The Greeks have a simple colour scheme over there that I really liked, simple, white and blues or other colours to accent, but it was mainly a lovely Mediterranean blue. So I took that inspiration and wanted it in my office. I wanted my office to feel light and simple, and then the glass top added a professional touch on the desk itself. I also purchased a chair that matches the desk and bookshelf, being that it is white as well with simple metal u-shaped legs.

            So far this is my plan and how I have arranged my office. Baby steps, I’ll slowly add accents like a reading chair (nothing too big or too bulky for the space) and a table to place a reading lamp on and other little accents to add colour and texture to the space.
            In the future, I will probably add some kind of window treatment and possibly an area rug and I would like to put a mural or something on the wall behind my chair. Work in progress, but as I updated I will add pictures to this post to keep you up-to-date!

What do you think? Let me know!

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