Sunday, 17 August 2014

What to Expect during a Home Staging Consultation

When we come to your home, we will sit down and discuss with the homeowner what areas of the home the homeowners feel needs to be addressed. If there are certain areas that the homeowner just doesn’t feel right, whether it’s the layout of the furniture or the lighting or the colours of the room. We jot that down on our notes and then proceed to tour the home.

We’ll take notes as to what each room feels like, if there is too much furniture in a space, if a room needs be de-cluttered or if a closet should be better organized, etc.

We also assess the outside of the home for curb appeal. This means we will assess the home from the street to see how appealing it looks from the potential homebuyer’s point of view. This should be the most important part of the assessment because this is the first thing the viewers see before entering the home.  There are many things we look for when assessing the outside of the home; such as trimming shrubs, clean windows, if yard maintenance should be done (which it should be done on a regular basis) but paying special attention to certain areas.

After the home has been evaluated both inside and outside, we sit down with the homeowner and discuss what we jotted down during the evaluation.

It is amazing what strangers or visitors see in your home or outside of your home that you don’t normally see because we grow too used to things that we see on a regular basis.  This is why a Home Stager is so valuable, they come with a critical eye and assess the home both inside and out and they know what needs to be changed, added or taken away to make the home look it’s best.

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