Saturday, 19 March 2011

A handy little link!


Designer Pages is a handy little link that provides designers a glossary of products for every brand out there. With 1000’s of product results, you will find anything you need - from wallpaper to plumbing to lighting to furniture to exterior finishes. This is a awesome site, for a designer, contractor or a homeowner. If you are doing some renovating at home and need some products and want to know what's out there, Designer Pages is something you should check out!

This site provides company names and website links to the companies themselves which help you pinpoint where exactly you can get the product from, instead of mulling and searching around Google trying to find what you’re really looking for –which can be both hard and frustrating.

You can even sign up to get a email sent to your inbox on a regular basis of what the latest trends are in flooring, wall coverings, lighting, furniture, eco friend trends and so much more! This is a good thing to have to keep up-to-date with what is hot in the industry and what is also up-and-coming!

Designer Pages’s link is feel free to check them out and bookmark it too for future reference! Have fun flipping through Designer Pages ;)

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