Friday, 8 April 2011


As an artist, Daniel Emond, has been able to provide his vast experience to all aspects of creativity involving Home Staging, planning, designing and creating unique and effective decors to enhance the beauty of a home for future buyers.

Daniel Emond’s career started as a painter and cabinet/furniture-maker, creating one-of-a-kind stunning custom pieces. He quickly realized that in order to reach their full beauty potential, his pieces had to be staged.
Evolving in that direction, Daniel started his own window dressing company in the fashionable area of Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, creating decors not only for store windows but also for luxurious homes.

Eventually his artistic reputation lead him to create lavishing decors for municipal events, fashion shows, stage production, themed parties and weddings.
In one of life’s many surprising turns, Daniel landed in Toronto with a contract at IKEA, for remodelling their stores throughout Ontario. Creating stunning living spaces ignited in him the idea of combining his knowledge of window dressing into everyday homes for home staging.

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