Monday, 13 June 2011

Shorts, Tees and Tank tops - Oh My!

What better way to welcome the summer season and warm temperatures than by changing over your winter clothes to your summer clothes. Not only does this allow you to see what all the clothes that you forgot you had, but it also helps to show what you have and what you don't need to buy (which will save you money from overspending or it will show what you do need to invest in).

This project is a great mood booster to tackle on a rainy, wet, gray day because you're putting away any heavy, dark clothing and bringing out anything thats bright, fun and cheery :)

In the beginning, I wanted to tackle this job to know what I had and didn't have in terms of tops and bottoms and in what colours and also to see if I had to replace anything from last year. But as I mentioned above, this helps to show what you already have and it may stop you from splurging and spending your money on things this season (if you don't need them).

I always think that you should have a few staple colours like beige (or khaki), black, brown and denim (dark or light which ever you prefer) in your wardrobe. Anything beyond that is extra that might be fun to have but isn't necessary. These 4 staples are great anchors to have in your wardrobe because anything goes with them and they can be dressed up or down.

What was my first step in tackling this job? Out of my closet, I took all of my heavy sweaters and pretty much anything else that would be too warm to wear in the summer and piled everything out on my bed.  This is the best way to see everything that you're working with. Then I brought all of my summer tops out. This included any t-shirts, blouses, light cardigans, or short sleeved anything really. Then I started hanging them in my closet in all the same colour groupings. This "colour blocking" technique helps to show what colours you have, what you favour and what you don't need more of. **another way of saving you money!!**

I have to admit that I had a blast doing this project. I loved seeing all the bright colours again, setting up all the colour groupings (I even grouped them light to dark) and seeing what I had and feeling in control, knowing what I don't need to spend money on... THAT IS EMPOWERING!!!

I went into a well-known clothing store the other day and spotted a few items that looked quite appealing, but then thought "what do I already have at home? Do I actually need this?" Thats when I decided that it was time to pull out all the summer things and get going on this very project. This job is empowering because, by going through your clothes, you're purging and organizing all at the same time and it sets you up for the next time you go clothes shopping. This helps you from walking up to the store with your "on a mission" face and then as soon as you see the "pretty little tops" or shoes or handbags at the door and walk in, thats when your eye's glaze over and you get the feeling that you're walking through Candy Land. Pretty, colourful and cute. This is where you should stop and say to yourself "I am in control of my money! What do I want and what do actually need?" This is also empowering - you are in control!

If you have any (light) scarves that you wear in the summer and aren't sure how to display them, you can hang them together or curl them up like a seashell idea and put them in a basket. That way, you can see all the colours that you have and are able to easily match them to your outfit accordingly.A great way to showcase your scarves is to hang them on a hanger that you already have in your closet, so that you can see all the colours together and choose accordingly!

Have fun with this project! Think of it as helping to save you money :) Let your wardrobe inspire you!

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